Data sheet Ruschieto, vigna Ruschieto - Toscana IGT, 2014

Vineyard: 1 hectare, planted in 2006/7, 5000 vines per hectare, south/south-east facing, clay and shale soil, altitude 310 m asl
Varieties: sangiovese
Training system: Gujot
Production per hettare: 40 ql.

Acidity: 5.22
pH: 3.6
Non-reducing extract: 26.2
ABV: 13%


A very rainy and cold season that created difficulties in terms of protection and coverage during the ripening phase. A hand harvest, with strong selection of the bunches, in the first week of October.


Soft destemming without crushing the berries, fermentation in steel vats, both traditional and partly in carbonic fermentation, in a way that allows us to obtain the particular aromas that are part of our Sangiovese project.
Pumping-down daily, délastages initially daily and then thinned out; fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures that remain around 25°C; fermentation and maceration last a period of around 20 days.


Once the wine is devatted and has completed its fermentation, it is transferred to a steel vat where it completes MLF, to achieve its full finesse and expressiveness. The ageing process lasts approximately 24 months, after which the wine is bottled.

Tasting notes

Ruby colour with violet tinge, beautiful density and juiciness of the fruit and clear vegetal notes of Mediterranean scrub, elegant hints of undergrowth and humus and an elegant balsamic finish; soft, fresh, well-balanced palate. Excellent complexity and intensity. Elegant and balanced.

Formats available

500 cl, 750 cl and 1,5 lt