W h o a m I

I am Ettore Ciancico and La Salceta represents my vision of the land and viticulture in Valdarno. Diversity, integrity and a sense of community are the key words, which is why since its foundation in the late 1990s I have chosen to adopt organic growing, using the most modern knowledge and technology to preserve the vitality of the soil and to stimulate the self-defence of the vineyards and olive trees.


A New Beginning

It all started from an old family vineyard, with old equipment and old brands…


Renovation of cellar

and it is also the year of the first bottling


We replant
the wineyard

The choice to pursue quality, leads me to replant the vineyard, with new clones and more capable rootstocks

and then...

Start attendance at wine events and trade fairs

The passion goes on and our presence becomes more important, first in Italy, then in Europe and the US

...and more

New vineyards and cellar

To always achieve quality one must know how to grow, evolving coherently on the basis of the choices that have been made. This is why a new wine cellar has been built, new vineyards have been planted, and new equipment has been invested in.

Important recognitions are obtained

For a small farm, achieving these results is a great satisfaction that encourages us to move forward with conviction. To be evaluated every year at these levels is an honour and a responsibility. Now, however, our goal is to raise the bar, to succeed in convincing more, with wines that maintain their style and approach, made up of freshness and drinkability, integrity and great territoriality.