O u r E V O o i l

We hand-pick only our olive trees on the Setteponti hills in the Valdarno di Sopra, which produce a certified organic extra virgin oil with great characteristics: strong hints of artichoke and long spiciness.

The very low degree of acidity and a very high amount of polyphenols guarantee pleasantness and persistence.

We take care of our olive trees, cultivars typical of Valdarno such as moraiolo, fiorentino, frantoio, in an extremely natural way. We only produce when the olives are healthy. We hand-pick and take the olives to be pressed within a few hours of harvesting. The same day of the harvest, our oil comes out, pressed in an organic mill with extremely advanced technology that takes maniacal care of all production phases. And then in a bottle or bag-in-box Il Poggiolo, organic extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, will be ready for you.

Cultures coming together

During the olive harvest, a thousand-year-old tradition of faraway and various peoples, songs of other ancient cultures.