W i n e g r o w e r s i n V a l d a r n o

care and protect

The best wines are produced in the most historically devoted territories. This is why the biodiversity and environmental richness of the Valdarno di Sopra, one of the most appreciated areas in Tuscany since time immemorial, offer unique potential for producing wines of great quality


Ours is an Etruscan and Roman land, which Leonardo da Vinci studied and loved, and who portrayed the Arno, the bridges and the Balze in his paintings and drawings. It is a valley of Pievi, an area where over the millennia the growing of vines and wine have been a fundamental part of the lives of peasants and nobles

A land from whose castles, created by the Florentines centuries earlier, the wine supply of the capital city of Florence started during the Renaissance period.

Where, with Cosimo III de’ Medici’s proclamation of 1716 regulating the protection of the wines of Chianti, Pomino, Carmignano and, indeed, Valdarno di Sopra, this trend has been further consolidated to the present day.

Here, through La Salceta, we have chosen to play a proactive role, making a convinced contribution to the development of quality viticulture, to make our company and the territory of Valdarno di Sopra an example of a vocation for organic farming and sustainability, recognised in Italy and abroad.

We are also directing our investments towards this. The agrisolar transformation is in progress, to make the winery energy self-sufficient. And then precision agriculture, to minimise treatment with natural products to protect the vines and consequently reduce water consumption.