T a s t i n g s

Of course, you must be 18 years old to be part of the tastings. The law says so, but also common sense. Children under the age of 18, if accompanied, can listen and take the plates of cold meats and cheeses. We are sure of your understanding.

Degustazione La Salceta

€40 per person

An engaging tasting of our three wines, one rosé and two reds, paired with local farm-produced cheeses selected by our producer friends, Pratomagno ham, and salami. And then Tuscan crostini and with our olive oil, to discover its aromas, flavours and taste. If you wish you can close with our rosé vermouth, Riosato (€6 per glass).It will be an experience you are sure to remember.

€80 per couple

Only for friends of our Club, a dedicated and in-depth tasting of two vintages of each of our three wines, one pink and two reds. We want to share with you the diversity of different vintages, comparing the different characteristics.

€100 per person

Tasting and comparing four vintages choosing between two wines, one pink and one red, is truly a special experience. The essence of each wine will emerge, its constituent texture, its quality. It will be a way of getting to know each other, not only the wine but also our and your way of assessing

€27 per person

Taste and compare Ruschieto our Sangiovese from a single vineyard, compare it with the blend of sangiovese and cabernet franc, and together we will reason and find the differences. Be amazed by Osato our pink wine. If you will, you can discover the connection with our rosé vermouth, Riosato (€6 per glass). And to close taste as you may have never done our oil, feel its aromas and its persistence, the different stages of perception after taking it.

Creativity and enjoyment

When you come for your tasting you will have the opportunity to discover how we transform the cardboard filters used during bottling into canvas artwork. We are inspired by the avant-garde, we look for evocative images. And above all, we try to have fun.