A g r e a t p a s s i o n

You will find La Salceta along the Setteponti road in the Valdarno di Sopra, in the centre of the triangle between Florence, Siena and Arezzo, between the mountainous reliefs of Pratomagno and the hills of Chianti, in a territory which was recognised in 1716 as an area of excellence by the Proclamation of Cosimo III de’ Medici.

The best wines are born in the most historically vocated territories.
Here we have chosen to play a proactive role, making a determined effort to contribute to the development of quality viticulture, in order to make our company and the territory of Valdarno di Sopra an example of a vocation for organic farming and sustainability, which is recognised in Italy and abroad.

Winegrowers in Valdarno

F r o m t h e E d i t o f C o s i m o t o t h e p r e s e n t t i m e


T h e w i n e s

Our wines are born in vineyards, grow in the cellar and with time reveal their best potential. In the cellar, the main objective is to respect the varietal characteristics of each grape variety, to produce wines that are full of aromas, fresh, with good complexity and great territorial expressiveness. Characteristics enhanced by the Vinolok glass closure.


A n a m a z i n g d i s c o v e r y

La Salceta is a small organic winery, which is why we offer a cosy, tailor-made experience, with a comprehensive tasting of our wines and extra virgin olive oil…