The pink vermouth

Riosato vermouth

In many vermouths the base wine is neutral, while the different botanicals or the addition of caramelised sugar are favoured.
For us, it was different. We wanted the base wine of our vermouth to be recognisable and the choice of botanicals to enhance its aroma, taste and freshness.
This is why we chose Osato, our rosé wine, and with the support and expertise of Distilleria Beccaris in Costigliole d’Asti, we selected the different botanicals, starting with traditional ones such as wormwood, savory, coriander and elderflower. We then enrich them with infusions of sage, thyme, sweet and bitter orange, pomegranate and cherry. All aromas that belong to our rosé, to the territory of Valdarno di Sopra from which it comes.
Obviously a vermouth that starts from Osato and amplifies its expressiveness could only be called Riosato, our new pink vermouth. And here, too, we have used the Vinolok glass closure.