C r e a t i v i t y a n d e n j o y m e n t

We turn the cardboard filters used during bottling into paintings, we are inspired by the avant-garde, we take evocative images. That’s right, we have fun.

logo and label

We have always imagined and made the labels ourselves, choosing the colours and matching them with the bottle tops. From year to year small adjustments and in our opinion small improvements! And along with the labels also an evolution of the logo. They are the basic and important elements for our recognisability and identity. And our history.


Christmas is always magical, we rejoice in images from our childhood, a great opportunity for light-heartedness that is nice to indulge in.

the posters

Futurism and the avant-gardes have always attracted us because of their innovation and strength. But also the strength of the messages of those who reacted to the Great Depression, collaborating in the birth of the modern new world. That is why we have often been inspired by these forms and messages to create advertising posters.

for the events

The lawn events at La Salceta have now become a classic of leisure and novelty. Because we go in search of new approaches in dishes and wines, different and unusual pairings. Always played on irony and not taking ourselves too seriously. Having fun while experimenting, experimenting while having fun.