The Vineyard and The Cellar



La Salceta is the Ettore Ciancico’s interpretation of the terroir and viticulture in Valdarno. A vision that comes from earlier different experiences, with a complexity of knowledge which resulted in a project and a vision very specific and determined. Diversity, Integrity, Community the keywords .
From the beginning the choice of organic farming, the use of herbs as a natural integration and protection.
Management of the vineyards to protect the vines to get the details and results in the grapes, which then perfect, will be the cornerstone of the work in the cellar.
A cellar work with protocols that aim fragrant wines, fresh, high-impact , expression of the terroir. A small winery, particularly in the Old World and even more in Tuscany, which can not be closely linked and expression of territory and territoriality. On the basis of these principles and the passion that we have, our grapes are characterized by a good concentration and tannins typical, completely free from chemical residues and, most important of all, an expression of the terroir. We produce unusual wines, organic , with low levels of sulfites. Why our wines are born in the vineyard and in winery find their best expression.


Three the La Salceta vineyards.
Vigna Ruschieto, 1 hectare, planted in 2006/7, 5000 vines per hectare, production of 30-40 hl / per hectare, facing south/southeast, silty clay soil
Vigna all’Agna, 1.2 hectares, planted in 2000, 4000 vines per hectare, production of 40 hl / ha, facing southeast, silty clay loam soil
Vigna CassiaVetus, 1.4 hectares, planted in 2010, 4000 vines per hectare, production of 40 hl / ha, facing south, silty clay soil