La Nocetta

The long fermentation in steel, the delastage and the remounts, the controlled temperature, have given this wine, colors, strength, freshness, particular aromas. A refinement
more than a year, always in steel vats, completed after bottling for at least a year in the bottle.
2016 in Tuscany was an exceptional year, generally hot even if tempered by rains in the months preceding the harvest (July-August). Also for this reason, the strength of Sangiovese and the particularities of Cabernet Franc determine a rich and complex bouquet, with typical hints of Sangiovese from the Setteponti area and Cabernet Franc produced in Tuscany. A robust and persistent structure, with present and round tannins, and the typical flavor of the Valdarno.
The use of the vino-lok glass stopper ensures the persistence of freshness, one of the most important characteristics of this wine.

Two formats available, 750ml and 1500ml. The magnum is supplied in a wooden box.

A wine that has obtained excellent evaluations and scores from James Suckling, 90 points, and from DoctorWine, 91 points.

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