At la Salceta, all products are natural, organic, and developed extremely carefully throughout all production methods and phases.

The wines can be considered notable boutique products, due to the sensations they set free and the characteristics which recall the land. The product is made with attention to every detail, and even the 100% recyclable and reusable stopper, made of cork or glass, is chosen with a view to respecting the environment.


Osato, Valdarno di Sopra DOC, rosè, organic

A quite unique rosé obtained from grapes harvested in the second half of August, which after 24/36 hours of cryomaceration go through a long fermentation at the controlled temperature of 14 degrees.

The name Osato, which means daring, indicates the respect and the spirit with which we approached the production of this wine!


Chianti Riserva DOCG, organic

A red wine with great structure and body, with striking aromas and freshness, despite its ageing and the softness particular to Sangiovese. This result has been obtained by using specific agricultural and fermentation techniques.

La Nocetta, IGT Toscana Rosso, organic

A blend of exceptional grapes, such as Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc, for a red wine with great personality.

The name comes from a type of hunting, typical of this region, which used to take place in the woods facing our vineyards.



Il Poggiolo, extra virgin olive oil IGP organic
Obtained only from our own olives, cold pressed, it has all the colors and scents of our mountains, the Pratomagno.


A Good Year

Italian Winegrower Indipendent Federation

La Salceta is part of FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, to propose and promote an economic organization of the wine and sustainable and rational dialogue with the public authorities with the aim of expressing the specific problems of Winegrowers.

DOC Valdarno di Sopra

The Salceta is one of the founders of the Designation of Origin Valdarno di Sopra. The desire to do better and to preserve, protect and promote the region were the spring that brought different people, with different histories, cultures and different personal targets, availability and humility to work with the construction of the new DOC, putting forth all the ‘love for the land, respect for your own and others’ work and great admiration for what he can express a wine of excellence.

A DOC already Cosimo III de ‘Medici founded in 1716.