Organic and Natural

The land is our wealth and our future: it is on loan from our children.

Therefore, organic agriculture was a natural decision, since it only allows natural substances with extremely low environmental impact for the defence and growth of plants.

Our objective is to work together with Nature, create fertile soil, favour the development of a healthy environment with a great number of varieties, with absolutely no use of chemical products, herbicides or chemically synthesised pesticides.

This means for example that no chemical treatment is used in the vineyard, and traditional techniques such as copper and sulphur are used in a controlled manner instead.

We seek to balance the land with plantings that release beneficial organic substances, such as field beans, which have the unique characteristic of producing nitrogen, exploiting it until full development thanks to the remineralisation of the soil caused by the plant’s decomposition.

Besides the products marketed, La Salceta also produces other “riches” for our family’s needs and for everyone who comes to visit us.

We have developed a family garden that follows the principles of permaculture, where natural grasses are valued due to the important ecological role they play, while the soil is always protected by an organic covering. The sweet aromas of the fruit trees surrounding the garden attract all types of insects, favouring the pollination of flowers and their transformation into fruits that can be harvested and eaten or used in jams and sweets.

The bees, content with this situation, produce excellent acacia or mixed flower honey depending on the time of harvest, and for special guests we set aside a bottle of Vin Santo or Late Harvest wine, accompanied by the typical bites to eat.

With natural agriculture that causes the land to regenerate itself, we have discovered a different approach with nature, learning how to create a better environment through synergy, where we can live with health and harmony.